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Our Mission at the Center on Proteolytic Pathways

The Center on Proteolytic Pathways (CPP) is a technology development hub for the entire scientific community to study how individual proteins assemble and interact in networks and pathways. The main component of this work is PMAP, a protease reasoning evironment. The databases, such as CutDB (a database for proteolytic events) allows researchers to compare proteolysis with other cellular pathways. 

What will the CPP Accomplish?

The NIH Roadmap has sponsored five Technology Centers for Networks and Pathways, which aim to create a "National Resource" for the development and dissemination of cutting edge technology for interrogating cellular networks. The Center on Proteolytic Pathways (CPP) is one of the Centers sponsored by this initiative.

The mission of the CPP is to develop cutting edge technology for use by the independent investigator, and to provide a venue where the individual investigator can conduct resource-intensive experiments. In essence, the CPP will augment the scope and depth of the research conducted in the area of proteases and proteolytic pathways. The ultimate objective of the CPP is to develop technology to address six fundamental questions on every protease encoded in the genome. These are:

1. Which proteases are involved in a given biological event?

2. What is the magnitude of this proteolytic event?

3. Where is the event localized?

4. What are the substrates of the protease?

5. What products are produced and do they have biological activity?

6. What pathways precede and follow a proteolytic event?

If these questions can be addressed rapidly for most biological processes then our understanding of proteolysis in biology would be completely transformed. Toward this ultimate objective, the CPP has established four Technology Research Projects (TRPs); please go to the Technology Platform page to learn more about these programs.

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