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Scientists Leading The CPP Effort

The scientists participating in the CPP represent some of the world leaders in chemical biology, computational biology and biological imaging. Please click on the names to see research pages at their respective institutions.

Center on Proteolytic Pathways

Jeffrey W. Smith, Director

Technology Platform  

            TRP 1                                            TRP 2                                            TRP 3                                        TRP 4  

Leader: Dr. Matthew Bogyo                Leader: Dr. Smith                         Leader: Guy Salvesen               Leader: Dr. Adam Godzik

Center Cores

The Chemistry Core           |          The Proteomics Core           |          The Imaging Core           |          Bioinformatics Core

Supervisor: Dr. Bogyo            Supervisor: Dr. Smith             Supervisor: Dr. Bonnie Sloane                Supervisor: Dr. Andrei Osterman

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