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Technology Platform

Our Strategy to Develop Technology

Our approach looks at both sides of the enzymatic reaction, capturing information on protease, substrate and proteolytic products. We also engineered a forward-thinking computational strategy to deal with the rich data content we expect our technology will generate. The human brain can only reason when less than 20 or so parameters are under consideration. The application of our research will produce hundreds of data points. Consequently, we must create an in silico environment through bioinformatics to simplify the data, assist with the reasoning process, and guide interpretations and the formation of additional hypotheses.

The scientific work is divided into four Technical Research Projects (TRPs), each aimed at investigating a different piece of the puzzle:

The TRPs all use unique technology to achive their goals:

TRP 1 - Protease Activity-Based Profiling (PABP)

TRP 2 - Protease Activity Imaging Technology (PAIT)

TRP 3 - Product Terminal Isotope Coding (PROTIC)

TRP 4 - Proteolysis Map (PMAP)

This approach differs from others in several ways. First and foremost, this platform measures activity, as opposed to only abundance. Most current technologies in genomics, proteomics, and even imaging, report on the level of expression of a gene or protein. To make the leap from the level of expression to activity, we use chemical tools as our primary "separation" technology.

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